Safety tools and standards in RPG and larp sessions at Pasja Minicon 2022

1. Pasja Minicon 2022 requires each RPG and larp session to be played using safety tools* chosen by the game runner(s) and/or participants. Safety tools include:

  • The X-card,
  • lines and veils,
  • safety words,
  • traffic light cards which will be provided at RPG&larp zone during the event.

2. We kindly ask the person(s) who chose safety tools for each game to explain their rules to all of the session’s participants before the game starts.

3. Larp/RPG session’s participants agree to respect fellow participants’ use of safety tools.

4. Trigger and content warnings must be included in the RPG/larp description, which will be available to all potential participants before the sign ups.

5. In case of a breach of event regulations/safety standards during the game, RPG session or larp may be paused and the person violating the regulations/standards may be asked to leave the game. Please report such events to the volunteers or convention organisers. Participants may also choose to speak to Empath Volunteers for further assistance.

6. In case of technical problems, please contact the volunteers who will provide information to the technical staff of the convention.

7. Rules not included in this document are regulated by the Regulations of the Convention Pasja Minicon 2022.

*in case of questions we encourage you to reach out to the organisers and/or browse the materials linked below:

1) Agnieszka “As” Krupińska (Graj Kolektyw), Bezpieczeństwo i higiena sesji – BHP w RPG (Polish, text).

2) Katarzyna Karcz, Mechanika Red, Yellow, Green jako baza naszego komfortu na grze (Polish, text).

3) Paweł Jasiński, Bezpieczeństwo na larpie in Podsumowanie 10 lat polskiej myśli larpowej – KOLA 2020 (str. 509) (Polish, text).

4) The Gauntlet, Tools of the Table (English, text).

4) TTRPG Safety Toolkit (English, text).

6) Anna Merrik Kwapiszewska, Safety mechanics and LARP pictograms – what to do to help people feel safe during the game (English, movie).

7) Julia Greip, Safewords for Brave Spaces (English, movie).

Please bear in mind that all RPG sessions and larps organised at Pasja Minicon 2022 are meant to be entertaining for all of the participants, game-runners included. Characters portrayed by participants are fictional.

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