Regulations of the Convention Pasja Minicon 2022

1. Introductory and definitional provisions

a) The main organizer of the Pasja Minicon 2022 Convention (hereinafter referred to as “the Convention”) is the Municipal Public Library in Gdynia, 141-143 Świętojańska St. (hereinafter: “the Library”).

b) All Convention participants staying in the Convention area are bound by the Library regulations available in digital version and in each branch of the Library, as well as these Regulations.

c) The premises of the Library will be used for the organization of the Convention, a Library branch Biblioteka z Pasją, 96/98 Zwycięstwa Ln. (PSTP, building IA), Gdynia, 81-451 and rooms provided by the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia (PSTP), 96/98 Zwycięstwa Ln., Gdynia, 81-451 (hereinafter: “the premises of the Convention”).

d) Due to the state of epidemiological threat, the organizers and other persons staying on the physical premises of the Convention must follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Development for libraries valid on the days of the Convention November 4th-5th, 2022, and the regulations of the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park.

2. Participation in the Convention

a) Participation in the Convention is free of charge.

b) Participation in the Convention requires acquiring a free of charge ticket from Evena ( Number of tickets is limited. Tickets can be acquired before and during the Convention until all are sold.

c) Every Participant has to show the ticket at accreditation points, where it will be validated and an ID will be issued (in a form of a badge).

d) Participants that are of age will be issued an additional sticker for their ID used age verification before some of the items on the agenda.

e) One can participate in the Convention without the ID, however those without an ID may be asked to leave if the number of people will exceed the maximum capacity.

f) The organizer reserves the right to record video and stream the panels of their choice after prior agreement with the program creators and guests.

3. Participants of the Convention

a) Convention participants (hereinafter referred to as “the Participants”) are obliged to comply with the regulations of the Library and these Regulations of the Convention.

b) Each person who is accredited as a participant will receive an ID (badge).

c) Participants are required to wear the ID badge in a visible place.

d) In the event of losing the ID, you should immediately report to the Librarians at the Library point located by the main entrance to the Library.

e) Participants may stay on the premises of the Convention from the moment of the beginning until the end of the attractions on Saturday, November 5th, excluding the night break: Friday 9 pm to Saturday 10 am.

f) The premises of the Convention should be kept in order and clean, and the provided rooms must be tidied up after leaving.

g) During their stay in the Convention, the participants should take out accident insurance on their own.

h) Participants are obliged to behave in a cultural way and comply with the decisions of the employees and volunteers of the Library (including the service and security staff of the facility where the convention premises are located). These decisions are final, but may be appealed.

i) Participants are obliged to treat other Participants with respect. Physical or verbal harassment may result in removal from the Convention and reporting to the appropriate services.

j) Participants who violate the law, in particular those causing a threat to life, health, harassing, damage or unrightfully take the material property of others, will be removed from the Convention premises, and the matter will be reported to the appropriate security services.

k) Participants are required to adhere to age restrictions in specific sections of the program. Information on age restrictions can be found: in the descriptions of these points on the website, in the information folder available on the website and in the program table, next to the relevant section of the program. The organizers are not responsible for the Participants’ failure to comply with this rule.

l) Eating and drinking is strictly forbidden in the rooms located in the PSNT buildings.

4. Creators of the program and attractions at the Convention

a) A Creator is any person who runs or co-hosts a program item during the Convention.

b) Each Creator in the Convention is identified by an appropriate ID, which they are obliged to wear during the Convention in a visible place.

c) The authors are obliged to return the lecture room in the condition in which it was provided to them. In the event of gross damage to the room upon it being passed on, the persons running the program items are obliged to immediately notify the Library.

d) Creators entrusted with the electronic equipment necessary to conduct the lecture are obliged to return it in the condition in which it was provided. In the event of damage to the equipment, the Creator or Participants may be charged with the costs of the equipment up to the replacement value.

e) The Library reserves the right to introduce changes to the Convention’s program without prior consultation with the Participants.

f) For some of the items on the program (workshops, contests, RPGs and larps) a sign-up is required.

g) The Library will inform about changes in the program no later than on the day on which the attraction is to take place via the information channels: Facebook (“Pasja Minicon 2022” event), on the website and on information boards on the Convention premises.

5. Volunteers

a) A volunteer (“Volunteer, Volunteers”) are persons recruited by the Library and accordingly trained to help during the Convention.

b) The volunteer is obliged to wear an appropriate badge issued by the Library in a visible place.

c) Volunteers are not responsible for the program items.

d) Volunteers speak Polish and/or English.

e) The duties of volunteers include:

Information service

Tracking and sharing information on social media

Help and assistance to the Convention’s guests

Help and assistance to the Participants

Coordination of current events,

Close cooperation with the representatives of the Library

f) During the Convention, a Volunteer is a representative of the Library and has the right to ask to leave a Participant who breaks these Regulations or by their behavior hinders others in participating in attractions. A Volunteer may also report such person to the organizers to solve the situation.

6. General principles

a) It is forbidden to conduct political activity and political agitation on the premises of the Convention; persons engaged in such activities will be removed from the premises of the Convention.

b) Persons who are intoxicated or under the influence of any substances, as well as those behaving in a manner inconsistent with good manners and principles of culture and not complying with the provisions of the current Regulations (specified in point 1b), may be removed from the Convention area and deprived of the right to further participation in the Convention by the Library and Volunteers acting on its behalf, as confirmed by an appropriate ID worn by the Volunteers in a visible place.

7. Prohibitions in force at the Convention

a) Specified by the regulations of the Library, paragraph 5. It is forbidden to bring in and consume alcohol, smoke, or take any intoxicants in any form on the Convention premises.

b) It is forbidden to bring any dangerous items to the Convention, including firearms (including black powder weapons), explosives and pyrotechnics, cold weapons (except for the so-called safe cold weapons), BB pistols (ASG replicas), radioactive materials, and other items listed in the Act of May 21, 1999 “About weapons and ammunition.”

c) It is forbidden to use open fire on the premises of the Convention.

d) It is forbidden to walk with bared blades on the premises of the Convention.

e) It is strictly forbidden to eat and drink in the Convention halls. This prohibition does not apply in the foyer of the PSNT buildings.

f) Participants are strictly prohibited from entering offices and rooms in PSNT buildings that are not marked as Convention halls.

g) It is forbidden to stick posters, advertisements and the like on the premises of the Convention without the consent of the Library. It is also forbidden to conduct sales without the consent of the Library, as well as in places not designated by the Library; persons committing such acts will be removed from the Convention, and in the event of damage, they will be charged with the cost of repair.

h) Participants are forbidden to record and share (stream) the lectures taking place at the Convention. However, it is allowed to record the image and voice by the creators of the program points for private use and bypassing the recording of the Participants, which is regulated by the relevant legal provisions.

i) There is an exhibition zone on the premises of the Convention; its operation is regulated by separate regulations of the exhibition zone, available at

8. Online communication rules on the official channels of the Convention

a) The official channels of the Convention are: the fan page of the Gdynia Library on Facebook, the “Pasja Minicon 2022” event on Facebook, the Ratel Squad fan page on Facebook, the website

b) The rules of online communication on the official channels of the Convention are set out in the Library’s regulations, paragraph 5.

9. Competitions during the Convention

a) Competitions conducted as part of the Convention are ruled by separate regulations, the content of which will be provided before the beginning of each day and will be available on the website of the Convention ( and at the library counter during the Convention.

10. Final provisions

a) Adherence to the Regulations is supervised by the employees of the Library and Volunteers.

b) The above regulations apply to Participants, Volunteers, and the Library.

c) The Library is not responsible for physical, material, and moral damages inflicted upon the Participants of the Convention. Solely the perpetrators or, in the case of minors, their legal guardians are financially and legally liable for any damages.

d) The Library is not responsible for items lost or left unattended on the premises of the Convention.

e) The Library is not responsible and does not identify itself with the opinions expressed by the Participants during the Convention.

f) The Participants, Creators and Volunteers of the Convention consent to the use of their image in printing and electronic publications for the purpose of promotion of the Convention and the Library, and for the reporting purposes of the Convention by the invited media, without time and geographical limitations.

g) Failure to comply with the Regulations may result in the deprivation of the right to participate in the Convention.

h) Ignorance of the Regulations does not release the Participants, Creators and Volunteers of the Convention from responsibility or from the obligation to comply with these Regulations.

i) In the event of unpredicted circumstances, such as a declaration of national mourning, a declaration of a lockdown, a serious issue in the Convention area, as well as other reasons that make it impossible to organize the event and are out of control of the Library, the Library reserves the right to cancel the event, or change the date and/or venue of the Convention without prior notice.

j) The Library reserves the right to change the content of the Regulations up to 7 working days before the beginning of the Convention.

k) In case of disputes, the Library and its employees reserve the authority to make a final decision.

l) In matters not covered by these regulations, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.

m) These regulations are available on the official website of the Convention and on the premises of the event.

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